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Persistent Cold-Air Pool Study

PCAPS Extended Bibliography

An extended list of articles and publishings which relate to topics under study during the PCAPS field project. All articles link to the resources from which you may read them. Some resources may require you to be on a university campus, or be logged into a .edu computer system.

Articles in blue represent recommended reading from the PIs. Please contact Joe Young to suggest additional related articles we may be missing.

Persistent Cold-Air Pools
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Research Model Simulations of Persistent Cold-Air Pools
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Performance of operational models for persistent cold-air pools and seasonal models
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Climatology of Cold-Air Pools
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Turbulent Erosion
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Pseudo-vertical Temperature Profiles from Temperature Observations on Slopes
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Meteorology of the Salt Lake Basin and the Vertical Transport and Mixing Experiment (VTMX)
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Relevant Articles on Diurnal Temperature Inversions
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Health Effects and Air pollution
**Pope, C. A., and D. W. Dockery, 2006: Heat effects of fine particulate air pollution: Lines that connect. J. Air & Waste Manage. Assoc. 56: 709-742. Article